If you are a photography enthusiast, then choosing Semarang City in Central Java, Indonesia as your vacation destination can be a wonderful idea. This city has a lot of landmarks and religious sites with extraordinary architecture, which can serve as a great place for photo shoots. Some of the best places can be read on the following paragraph.

The list below will explain some of the religious sites in Semarang with unique architectures that you may visit during your vacation.

  • Buddhagaya Watugong Monastery: this monastery can be considered as the largest Buddhist monastery in Semarang. It consists of two major buildings, the Dhammasala and the Avalokitesvara Pagoda, and other smaller buildings. You can also see a natural gong-shaped stone named Watugong, or literally meant Gong Stone, situated next to security outpost. The Avalokitesvara Pagoda is considered the Indonesia’s tallest pagoda, with 45 meters tall. It contains over thirty statues, including an Avalokitesvara Boddhisatva statue with 5 meters high and has 7 floors. Most of the buildings in this monastery have red colors.
  • Tay Kak Sie Temple: Tay Kak Sie literally means “Temple of Supreme Consciousness”. This shrine was initially built to worship Guanyin, the East Asian Boddhisatva divinity. However, in 1800, the worshippers who used to pray at Sam Poo Kong Temple decided to bring a statue of Zheng He to this temple because the Sam Poo Kong’s Jewish owner decided to charge them for praying. Based on several citizens, Tay Kak Sie can be considered as the best-decorated temple within Semarang. You can prove this statement by yourself by visiting the temple and admire the architecture and ornaments used in this temple.
  • Sam Poo Kong Temple: this temple was first established within 13th century by the popular Chinese Muslim voyager named Zheng He on his visit to Indonesia. As the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang, this temple had experienced a collapse in 1704 due to a landslide. However, it was reconstructed and consistently renovated since then. It covers more than 3.2 hectares area and consists of five major buildings with extraordinary mixed Javanese and Chinese architecture. During lunar year, there will be a carnival to respect and pay homage to voyagers like Zheng He.
  • Great Mosque of Central Java: this large complex of mosque covers approximately 10 hectares land. It has three major buildings constructed in a shape of U and a courtyard in the center with 6 hydraulic umbrellas. The design of the roofs is influenced by Joglo style, a traditional design of Javanese house. The umbrellas were influenced by the Al-Nabawi Mosque in Medina. This mosque is able to handle up to 15,000 people at most, and the auditorium alone can handle up to 2000 persons. This mosque also has a deck for observation at the top of the mosque.

The paragraph above already explained about some of the best place to visit in Semarang, especially for those who seek for religious sites. You can learn various culture by visiting these landmarks and snap unique pictures with the unusual buildings as its background.