More and more people are visiting the Alps for the excellent and scenic mountain biking trails. Both natural and man-made runs are available to navigate and explore.  Here is why you should swap your skis for a bike and try mountain biking during your Alpine break.

Who Is Mountain Biking In The Alps For?

If you like outdoor activities and adventure holidays, then mountain biking is for you. Whether you are a mountain biking pro or an absolute beginner you can try this sport in the Alps. With a plethora of trails catering for all abilities, it’s easy to both test your improving skills and try mountain biking for the first time. It’s a great family activity too, all members of the family can take their own time on the trails and even try the jumps and special parks that some resorts have on offer. Basically, it’s for almost everyone!

What Are The Benefits Of Mountain Biking In The Alps?

There are so many benefits to mountain biking in the Alps, maybe too many to mention them all. Compared to skiing a lot less equipment is needed which keeps the costs down and increases the comfort factor.  If you love taking in the beautiful scenery, then you can enjoy leisurely stops take photos and just breathe the fresh alpine air. It’s easier to pause and do this whilst hiking and biking compared to skiing where you are pretty much on the go from top to bottom.  You don’t need any special skills either, young children, teenagers and adults pick up biking quickly making it an activity the whole family can enjoy from the start.

When Should You Go?

What is amazing about Mountain biking in this location is that you can do it year-round. During the summer months, the trails are more pleasant and less crowded. More trails are accessible for all abilities during the summer and it’s easier to get around when the weather is warmer too. If you’re a more professional biker, then winter mountain biking offers some more challenging terrain. It would be wise to plan your trail or hire a guide during the winter before setting out just in case you get into tracks to try.

So How Do You Do Get There?

Unless you really can’t live without having your own bike with you it is best to leave it at home and hire a bike once you’ve arrived. Carrier fees and excess baggage can be expensive and it’s also difficult to carry your bike as well as the rest of your luggage.  Most Alpine resorts cater for mountain bikers and you’ll have a range of bikes and equipment to choose from to suit your needs.

 From the UK many airlines including Monarch, British Airways and Easy-jet fly to popular airports in the Alps. You can also hop on the euro star ski train which takes you directly from St Pancreas or Ashford into the heart of the French Alps. Train travel from the rest of Europe is easy and mostly direct too, however as you can imagine flights can be a lot quicker. Driving is another option to get to the Alps from Europe either in your own car or by hiring one. Check the routes before you set off though as some roads as closed during the winter. Lots of airlines fly from the USA too, usually with a stop in between. British airways, United airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish airlines are a few who fly this route.

Are you convinced to swap your skis for a bike next time you visit the Alps? Even if you’re not ready to completely give skiing a miss why not mix up your break by taking a bike for a spin. What do you think?